Sunday, March 18, 2007

At last, an update!

I haven't updated in a while, have I? Sorry about that, folks!

In the time I've been away, I passed my driver's test! I never bothered to learn because growing up in London meant I had a lot of public transport to rely on to get me from A to B. Sadly in LA, it is almost impossible to get around easily without a car, and so I bit the bullet and learned to drive. I passed first time, and received my license on Friday; I must be one of the only people in the country with a decent photo!

And now of course, that means I have an officially recognized form of ID. I had a rather rude wake-up call a few months ago when attempting to buy Sudafed, a decongestant containing pseudoephedrine. Despite having my British passport and my green card, I was turned away. The reason? They had to scan a state ID or driver's license into their system and without it, no drugs. How very frustrating.

Recently I have agreed to a grocery swap with an expat friend of mine. She is an American living in England, and requested that I send her some American staples in return for English grub of my own. Sounds like a fair deal to me, and should save us both a tidy sum in import costs.

On a parting note, I've been reading more blogs lately, and one caught my eye. The author mentioned that the teacher of her children asked if sarcasm was a common form of humor in her household, to explain her kids' behavior. She responded "y'think?" It made me smile, since sarcasm is such a common form of humor in the UK that you become the rarity if you don't use it.


At 3/18/2007 10:49 PM, Anonymous David said...

Congratulations on passing your driving test. Driving in LA is certainly not high on my favourite things about the US; I am far happier on the roads in the North of the state.

At 3/19/2007 12:03 AM, Blogger Otana said...

Thank you very much! Driving in LA is crazy, we were in Hollywood yesterday and the traffic was nuts. Still, the way I see it, if I learned to drive in LA with all the crazy people and busy streets, then I can handle most things.

Except weather.


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