Sunday, September 24, 2006

Broom broom

Nothing for over a month and then two posts in an evening!

A friend linked me to a post from another blog, a commentary on Los Angeleno's attitudes towards traffic and driving. I have learned that you can't judge how far something is by the distance in this city; it is by the amount of time it takes to get there.

I myself am still learning to drive, but so far have not had too much difficulty, even tackling the 405 each Saturday morning. The 405 freeway is one of the busiest in the area and gets choked up with traffic even outside of rush hour.

Here's Crazy Aunt Purl's discovery about our attitudes towards our beloved motor vehicles: Less Than Zero.


At 9/24/2006 11:36 PM, Anonymous Talon said...

I have a desperate need to comment...but my merging comment is TOTALLY inapproperiate. Still, the idea of traffic being such a universal topic of conversation at parties just slays me.

At 9/24/2006 11:38 PM, Blogger Otana said...

It really is, and that's what makes it so funny. I've overheard people talking about traffic and I've done it myself and had long, intimate discussions about the best way to manage traffic on the 405 at a certain time of day. It's hilarious and very very sad.

At 9/25/2006 10:02 AM, Anonymous A Brit in LA said...

Back in the UK, weather is a deafult topic of conversation, here for much of the year there seems to be insufficient variety to make it worth discussing.
However, traffic and the best route to take is something that can seemingly be discussed endlessly.
My particular bete noir is the 57 to 60 merge near Brea, especially after being stuck in it for over three hours last week.

At 10/03/2006 2:34 AM, Blogger Otana said...

I've heard of weather occuring in Los Angeles, I have yet to see it happen though. It amuses me endlessly to see how utterly awed Southern Californians are by clouds, used to them as I am.

Personally I have a small amount of hatred for the merge onto the 101 I believe it is, around downtown by the Disney Concert Hall. Whoever designed that stretch of freeway must have been smoking crack, it's frightening.


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