Thursday, June 14, 2007

Z Day

So as you probably know, everywhere's pretty much overrun with zombies right now. I went out to get the mail yesterday and some huge bastard lurched around the corner and lunged at me, throwing me back against the mail boxes. He groaned "braaaaaaaaaaaaains" and then got a funny look on his face and sniffed my head.

He then pushed me away and grunted, "mad cow!" and headed off in the opposite direction. Bloody cheek.

So currently the only ones that are safe from the zombies are the Brit expats right now, so I think we're gonna go down the King's Head later and have a pint while the world ends so we can have a good moan about it. I wonder if they have any Queen on the jukebox?


At 7/30/2007 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spoke to Russell Wilkes about this and he pointed me in the right direction.

At 8/15/2007 3:07 AM, Blogger Otana said...

Russell Wilkes ...?


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